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When researching Hyundai vehicles near Cicero, there will be a variety of decisions to make when considering what type of vehicle will best suit you, your family, and your budget. One of these decisions will be the type of transmission you either want in an ideal vehicle or whether or not you are satisfied with the transmission already in a specific Hyundai vehicle you're considering. Because the choice of an automatic versus manual transmission could strongly impact whether you choose a certain vehicle, especially when it comes to pre-owned Hyundai vehicles, it's important to understand the differences. The following is a quick look at that:


Hyundai Vehicles: Automatic Versus Manual


Manual Transmissions

Manual transmission, also known as stick-shift, is the oldest option. These types of Hyundai vehicles require the driver to physically shift gear via a shift lever mounted vertically on the vehicle's console. This shift lever is connected directly to the vehicle's transmission by a special linkage. A clutch disc is sandwiched between the vehicle's engine and the transmission. This disc can be released by pressing down on the vehicle's third left-side pedal (clutch). To change gears, the driver needs to release the clutch this way, move the shifter to their desired gear, and then engage the clutch again.  

Learning how to drive manual vehicles can take some time, but many drivers feel as though it is a more rewarding drive. When you drive a stick, it can feel as though you are much more engaged with the driving experience. Being skilled in manual transmission vehicles provides serious benefits for frequent travelers and those individuals who often find themselves driving for work. That's because while the United States may sell more automatic transmission vehicles than manual ones, manual options are much more common outside of the country. 


Automatic Transmissions


Automatic transmissions are designed to do the shifting work for you. At one point in time, this option was considered a luxury add-on feature, but now it is more often the standard in American-sold vehicles, including Hyundai vehicles


There are two primary types of automatic transmissions: the traditional and the dual-clutch. The traditional automatic has the transmission connected to the engine via a hydraulic torque converter while the dual-clutch will reply on a pair of clutches that will change gears on its own. 


The advantages of having a vehicle that shifts for you are numerous. First off, you'll almost never stall the engine and both drivers and passengers will find this configuration much more comfortable and smoother to drive and ride in, particularly when it comes to the stop-and-go traffic that is common in Cicero and other Chicago area towns. In general, automatic transmission cars also require less maintenance and are more efficient than manual transmission vehicles. 


And then there's Hyundai SHIFTRONIC


However, while automatic transmission vehicles have risen to become the more preferred option among American drivers, there are still many that would prefer a bit more control of the driving experience. It was to meet the desires of this driving segment that Hyundai created the new SHIFTRONIC transission system. This special automatic transmission enables drivers to shift gears on demand so that the vehicle acts like a manual but without out a clutch. 


To learn more about the Hyundai SHIFTRONIC or to learn more about Hyundai vehicles in general, come down and visit us today at McGrath City Hyundai. Our dealership boasts a wide selection of new, Certified Pre-Owned and used models to choose from, with plenty of automatic, manual, and SHIFTRONIC options to test drive. Come find your next vehicle and visit our dealership near Cicero today!

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