Hyundai Vehicles: Maximizing Fuel Efficiency


Until Houston fully rebounds from Hurricane Harvey and this year's crazy hurricane season is over, people throughout the country can expect to encounter some pretty inflated gas prices. Chicago neighborhoods like Cicero and Berwyn are unfortunately no exception to such disaster rises. That said, there are ways for you to get the most out of the fuel you put in your Hyundai vehicles. The following is a look at a few easy tips for maximizing fuel economy no matter which model vehicle you have. Start practicing them now during this artificial high and build good habits so that you can save even more money as Chicago fuel prices get back to their normal levels in the future:

Top Tips for Maximizing Fuel Economy in Hyundai Vehicles

  • Adhere to your vehicle's recommended maintenance schedule
    Properly taking care of your car is arguably the most important thing you can do to improve its longevity and maximize fuel economy. Check your service manual or talk to the Hyundai mechanics to ensure you're following all of the proper routine maintenance visits like oil changes, fluid changes, tire care, and new filters.

  • Avoid needless idling
    It's a bit of a myth that you use more fuel to start an engine than to idle it. In general, modern engines use about ten seconds worth of fuel to restart so if you plan to sit anywhere over a minute, such as waiting on a friend or takeout food, you throwing away fuel. During the winter, your engine needs only a 30-second warm-up before it's ready to be on its way.

  • Utilize your vehicle's technology
    Today's Hyundai vehicles come packed with a variety of fuel-saving technologies like cruise control and automatic stop/start. By taking full advantage of using these technologies appropriately, Hyundai drivers can really improve their vehicle's fuel economy and get the most miles out of each gallon. If you're at all unsure of how newer technologies work, contact our team of friendly Hyundai sales representatives for a detailed explanation and demo where necessary.

  • Unload the extra weight 
    Just because Hyundai vehicles like 2017 Hyundai Tucson are equipped to handle large loads, doesn't mean you should keep them loaded at all times. Where possible, try to avoid storing unnecessary weight in your vehicle as every additional pound translates to a bit more effort and a bit more fuel that your vehicle will use during transport.

  • Practice smart driving techniques
    The two biggest of these are gradual braking and observing the speed limit. In regards to the first of these, when approaching a stop light, easing your foot off the gas pedal and slowing down can significantly improve fuel economy. Once you accelerate back to speed, observe the speed limits and avoid going over 65 miles per hour on the highway. For most vehicles, both Hyundai vehicles and others, fuel economy takes the largest drop when vehicles go over the 65 or 70 mph level. 

Contact the Hyundai Professionals at McGrath City Hyundai for More Vehicle Tips 

Are you interested in learning more about the easy steps you can take to improve your vehicle's fuel economy, driving experience, and lifespan? Contact our experienced and friendly technicians at McGrath City Hyundai today to learn more or to schedule a service visit to ensure your Hyundai vehicles are capable of achieving its peak performance levels. You can contact us either online or by calling us at 800-868-4056. Our Hyundai dealership is conveniently located at 6750 W. Grand Ave. in Chicago and just a short distance away from popular Chicago metro neighborhoods like Cicero and Berwyn. Come and visit us today!

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