4 Tips for Buying Hyundai Accessories


Hyundai makes a lot of great models that are stylish, capable and well-equipped, but that doesn’t prevent Hyundai drivers from customizing their vehicles. Accessories let drivers both add non-standard features and personalize their Hyundais. If you’re considering adding some Hyundai accessories to your vehicles, here are four tips to make sure the modifications are a success.


Use OEM Parts

First, don’t settle for anything less than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. You wouldn’t settle for a vehicle made by an unknown company, so why should you purchase accessories made by some manufacturer you haven’t heard of?

Aftermarket parts can vary in quality, and many aren’t built to the same rigid specifications as their OEM counterparts. Only OEM accessories are guaranteed by Hyundai to be made to the brand’s exacting standards.


Ask a Hyundai Dealership

Second, the best place to find OEM accessories is at an official Hyundai dealership. Official dealerships not only stock a large inventory of OEM parts and can order even more from Hyundai, but they also have technicians who are specially trained on Hyundai vehicles. No other technicians know as much about genuine Hyundai accessories as the techs at a Hyundai dealership.


Check for a Warranty

Third, make sure any accessories you purchase come with a warranty. If you’re getting OEM Hyundai accessories from an official dealership, they’ll likely come with a warranty and you probably will never have to file a claim. It’s nice to have the reassurance that any problems which do arise will be taken care of, though.


Consider the Many Available Accessories

Finally, consider the many different types of accessories that you may want. As vehicles become more advanced, the range of things that accessories can do is rapidly increasing. There are accessories that:

  • add style (e.g. LED accent lights, exterior decals, etc.)
  • increase utility (e.g. roof racks, trailer hitches, etc.)
  • improve performance (e.g. turbochargers, larger exhausts, etc.)
  • provide convenience (e.g. keyless entry systems, remote starters, etc.)
  • offer protection (e.g. undercoatings, all-season floor mats, etc.)
  • have high-tech features (e.g. driver-assist aids, wireless chargers, etc.)

Get Genuine Hyundai Accessories

To get genuine accessories for your Hyundai, contact the parts department at McGrath City Hyundai. The premier Hyundai dealership for Chicago and Oak Park, the parts department offers a range of OEM Hyundai accessories that can be purchased and/or installed. You can speak with someone in the department by calling (773) 825-3455 Monday through Saturday, or by stopping at the dealership’s location on W. Grand Ave. in Chicago.

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