How Often Should I Wash My Hyundai?


How Often Should I Wash My Hyundai?

You won’t find car washes listed among your owner’s manual recommended service intervals. Nevertheless, regularly washing your Hyundai is an essential part of a proper Hyundai care program. Here’s why your Hyundai vehicle needs regular washing and just how often you should be cleaning it.

Car Washes Are for More Than Looks

In order to determine how often your Hyundai needs to be cleaned, it’s first necessary to appreciate the full importance of car washes. While washing your Hyundai obviously helps it look great, the benefits of a car wash go beyond aesthetics.

The dirt and grime that you see collecting on your Hyundai can actually damage its exterior surface. Exactly what damage could occur depends on what gets your Hyundai dirty:

  • Acid in bird droppings can eat away at the paint
  • Acid in pollen can also eat away at the paint
  • Chemicals in sunscreen can destroy the clear topcoat
  • Oils from fingerprints can be permanent if the clear topcoat has been removed
  • Sap from trees can harden and etch itself permanently into the topcoat and paint
  • Dirt can scratch paint when something rubs against it
  • Salt can erode the body or undercarriage when it interacts with metal

None of these substances will significantly damage your Hyundai overnight. If they collect on the car’s exterior and aren’t washed off, though, they can have a negative long-term effect on its exterior.

Those long-term effects can impact more than looks and be costly. If your Hyundai’s exterior is significantly damaged, you can at least expect the vehicle’s value to drop as a result of the blemish. The car will also be more susceptible to rust as it ages where the protective clear topcoat and paint have been broken.

Wash Your Hyundai Vehicle When It’s Dirty

As important as washing your Hyundai is, there isn’t one set duration after which you should have it washed. There's not a specific mileage point to wash your car at like there is with many Hyundai care services.

The best guideline is to wash your Hyundai whenever it starts to look a little dirty. If you can see something on the exterior, there’s a good chance that something could damage the topcoat or paint. It should be washed off.

How often your car gets dirty depends largely on where you park, how much you drive and where you drive:

  • If you drive only infrequently and park in a garage, monthly washes may be suitable
  • If you’re a fairly typical driver and/or park outdoors, bi-weekly washes might be needed
  • If you drive on dirt roads or long distances, weekly washes might be needed
  • During winter, weekly or even semi-weekly washes are needed regardless of driving habits

The salt used to keep snow and ice off of roads is especially harsh on vehicles, which is why frequent washings during winter are necessary regardless of how much you drive. If salt isn’t removed, even a little will begin to corrode your Hyundai. Also, you can’t rely on periodic rain to wash the salt off, because rain won’t sufficiently get the salt off of the undercarriage.

Get Help Taking Care of Your Hyundai

If you have any other questions about Hyundai care or properly looking after your Hyundai, talk with the technicians at McGrath City Hyundai. They’re available by phone or in person at the 6750 W. Grand Ave. location six days a week, and they regularly assist Hyundai owners in Des Plaines and Oak Park with their Hyundai-related questions.

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