4 Things to Know About Hyundai Vinyl Car Wrapping

4 Things to Know About Hyundai Vinyl Car Wrapping

Car wrapping is an aesthetic service that changes a vehicle’s exterior look by wrapping the vehicle’s body panels in stylish vinyl wraps. The service has become increasingly popular in recent years, and many Hyundai owners are now asking about Hyundai vinyl car wrapping services. If you’re interested in this service, here’s what you need to know before having a wrap done.

1. Hyundai Vinyl Car Wraps Are Available in Many Styles

The main reason to have a vinyl car wrap put on is to change the exterior aesthetic of a vehicle. While Hyundai vehicles are available in many colors and can be outfitted with various exterior packages, some drivers want a color that’s not offered or would like a bolder design. This is easy to accomplish with a wrap.

Hyundai vinyl car wrapping is available in many different colors and patterns, limited almost only by your imagination. There are metallic and matte wraps available, as well as gradient and patterned ones. It’s easy to fully customize your Hyundai’s look to suit your personal style and taste.

2. Car Wraps Require a Decent Paint Job

Vinyl car wraps are glued onto the body panels of a vehicle, so they sit directly on the panel’s paint. Thus, the condition of a vehicle’s paint job directly impacts how well a wrap can be affixed.

While technicians have some ways to deal with minor blemishes in a vehicle’s paint, the overall paint job needs to be in decent condition. Paint’s that too scratched or chipped won’t provide a solid foundation for the wrap, and both the look and longevity of the wrap will be adversely affected as a result.

3. Applying Vinyl Car Wraps Takes a Few Days

The process of properly applying vinyl car wraps takes a few days, because there are multiple steps involved.

First, the vehicle’s exterior must be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt or dust that might interfere with affixing the wraps. This step itself is much more involved than a standard wash with soap and water, for anything on the paint will interfere with the installation. A clay is used to detail the car, and sometimes the vehicle is also washed with pressurized air and/or isopropyl alcohol.

Second, the bumpers and lights are usually removed so that the wrap can be applied as close to the edge of the body panels as possible. Of course, these are reinstalled after the wrap is in place.

Third, the wrap itself is applied. This step might take a day if only the main panels are being covered, or it can take a few days if door jams and other smaller areas are also being wrapped.

4. Vinyl Car Wraps Should Be Protected from the Elements

Hyundai vinyl car wraps are made from durable material and designed to last a while, but all car wraps need to be protected from the elements. Rain, sleet, snow, hail and sunshine can all cause deterioration.

To protect your Hyundai vehicle’s wrap, the car should be stored in a garage once it’s wrapped. 

Get Your Hyundai Vehicle Wrapped

If you’re interested in a Hyundai vinyl car wrap for your vehicle, contact the service department at McGrath City Hyundai. The specially trained technicians in the department know how to expertly apply these wraps for the best possible look and longest possible life span. Contact the department online or at (773) 825-3455 to schedule an appointment at the dealership’s 6570 W. Grand Ave, Chicago location, which isn’t far from Berwyn or Cicero. Appointments are available six days a week.

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