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Hyundai Vehicles: Trading-In Versus Resale

Are you ready to upgrade to a new vehicle? Maybe you've fallen in love with one of our Hyundai vehicles or another trade-in make on our Chicago dealership lot near Cicero. Whatever the case, before drivers get started on the paperwork for their next vehicle they first have to determine what they want to do with their current car. If you're choosing not to hand-it-down to a…

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Can I Finance a Hyundai After a Bankruptcy?


Bankruptcy is a rough transition. However, you should not let it or bad credit dissuade you from researching and finding an affordable auto loan and vehicle that will take you forward after your filing. Bankruptcy is not the end of your credit life and, in fact, dealerships like McGrath City Hyundai are here to help ease your way. You absolutely can finance a Hyundai after you file for bankruptcy in Chicago, just consider the following key tips for how to do so:

Tips to Finance a Hyundai After a Bankruptcy

  • Wait until you receive your discharge
    You may be able…
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Buying a New Hyundai With Damaged Credit


It is no secret that a person's credit history plays a major role in getting approved for a loan and buying a new Hyundai in Cicero. Yet, few of us have the ideal credit history that lenders love. Maybe you were late on a few recent bill payments, maxed out a credit card or two, or have a bankruptcy that hasn't cleared off. Whatever the cause of your damaged credit, know that it doesn't necessarily stand in the way of you buying a new Hyundai. It just takes a different type of preparation.

Consider the following steps…

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4 FAQs About the Hyundai Finance Process


If you've been shopping for a new Hyundai, you may have a few questions about the financing process on your mind. Here are four FAQs designed to help you get the answers you need as simply as possible. 

1. Who Qualifies for Financing? 

Most people in Chicago with a full-time job can qualify for a car loan as long as they have reasonable credit. If you are unsure of your current credit score, you should go online to one of the credit bureaus to discover what your score is. The best way to know if you qualify for financing…

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Chicago Car Dealerships: Qualifying for an Auto Loan


For many people, buying a car is their first big purchase in life and - more often than not - they aren't paying cash for their new set of wheels.

The bottom line is that most people are planning to finance their purchase through an auto loan. And, like any other loan, a car loan comes with basic requirements needed by every lender, including Chicago car dealerships. Here's a closer look:

1. Proof of income

Qualifying for a car loan also means showing that you have a steady source of income. In most cases, pay stubs or bank statements are…

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